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Tim HuthFounder of Living Off the Fat of the Land, Organic Farm Now Serving Beans and Barley’s Produce Needs
Erik LindbergCommunity Building and Restoration, Community Growers
Dave LuhrssenArts and Entertainment Editor, “Shepherd Express”
Andre Lee Ellis Theater With a Surviving Mind
Debbie Metke Impeachment Group and World Citizens—Milwaukee
Harvey Taylor Milwaukee Poet
Ken Leinbach Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center
Martha Davis Kipcak of the KITCHEN TABLE PROJECT, Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast, and the Milwaukee Food Council
Barbara Bell, Keeper/Trainer of the Bonobos of Milwaukee County Zoo
Megan Godsil Jeyifo, Daughter of Riverwest Leaving Bay Area for Chicago!
Howard Hinterthuer, “Happy Green Warrior” of Ozaukee County
Ann Brummitt, Coordinator Milwaukee River Work Group(MRWG)

Current Contributors

Howard Hinterthuer, Featured Contributor September 2008

Growing Power Urban Agriculture

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Tanzania’s Hon Dr. David Mathayo David w. Will Allen, Growing Power Founder & CEO

Caring Person of the Year 2008

KT Rusch

Community Growers

Green Living

Photo: Slow Food Nations victory garden in front of San Francisco City Hall

New Orleans Renaissance Winter Work Vacations.

Neighborhood Newspapers

Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs, Philosopher/Activist of Cities of Hope

Growing Power Grant Park Harvest Celebration

Embedded Reporter

Fun/Inspiring Music for Weddings, Mitzvahs, Graduations, Homecomings, Anniversaries, & Retirements

2008 Mother Earth Water Walkers

Amazing Grandmothers of Great Lake Culture

Daily Agora Announcements

Centaur Restoration

Copper water collector for your garden


London Report on U.S. Urban Agriculture: Edible Cities

*Earth Poets and Musicians

Amaranth Bakery and Cafe

Blueberry Pancake Moments at Riverwest Cafe Co-op & Fuel Cafe

New! Random Photos

Community Roofing & Restoration

Joshua Fraundorf, Hands-On Leader of Community

Jimmy and Roselyn Carter with Community Crew on Habitat for Humanity Project

Community Building & Restoration

Rebirth of Freedom

Human Rights

Gods Hill City Farm

Renaissance Tools

In memoriam Frank Zeidler (1912-2006)

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*Growing Power Press Release Spring 2008:10,000 Yellow Perch in Aquaponic System at Growing Power City Farm.

*Geothermal Power Coming to Milwaukee.

*Food Gardens in Milwaukee Backyards and Neighborhood Lots

*Virtual Tour of Growing Power!

*Green Elder and Youth Hostels Milwaukee Summer 2008

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Projects Of the Moment

Eco Tourism in Milwaukee and Region
International Urban Agriculture Yahoo Group Chaordic Experiment
Urban Agrarians of the World, Unite!

Political Economics Fall 2008

Architectural Art and Artists

Common Dreams’ America’s Progressive Community: 120 Group Links

We Must Amend Our Soil.

Red Wriggler Worm Photo Essays

Grace Lee Boggs: Toward’s a New American Revolution

Milwaukee International Urban Agriculture Conference

Obama Urban Policy Paper

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Re-Spiriting Milwaukee

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