Font sizes

Text font size is relative to the user configured size.
Text font size is the base for others font sizes.

Screen update

Due to browser caching/server delays, the layout modification may not be taken into account immediately.
If modification is seen in fields but not on screen, rerun. You may be obliged to hit <Ctrl><Shift>[Reload button] on your browser to have modifications taken into account.


  • An easy manner to go back to one default parameter is to set an empty field.
  • units (%, #) are not needed when writing parameters

Predefined styles

Selecting one predefined styles will overwrite some data. A predefined style can modify only some fields (e.g. colors) or all fields. You also can save the current style as a predefined style file. If you wish to set only some parameters in the style, edit the file with any text editor and remove unneeded parameters.

Applicable to

When you defined the zone of applicability (whole wiki or a given group) and click [Ok], the present configuration is transferred to this zone. It will not be modified till you do another transfer, which allow you to work on another group. Practically, the css file is copied under the group name in the pub/css directory, e.g. MyGroup.css. The whole wiki css file is named local.css.

Background superposition :

  • Top/body image is masked by text and left background colors. To have this image displayed in these areas, set the color(s) to none.
  • Text image overwrite text background color.
  • Left image overwrite left background color.

Images - Upload here

Attach:bgimage.jpg Δ

File list :

Layers and priority

Special case, rarely seen, except on this page…
Normally, pages settings have priority on Group settings, which have priority on Wiki settings.
As explained above a top/body image can be seen on the whole page provided you give ‘transparency’ to the text and left areas by setting the background color of these areas to ‘none’.
Though, if you wish to do so with one group (or page), the background settings of the ‘Whole Wiki’ should also be set to ‘none’, if not, you will only see the color set for the whole Wiki. Say, ‘none’ value cannot be surimposed to another setting. Anyway, you can always set an image for the text and left areas, which will have priority on color. Clear ?

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