I posted this in October 2005 in hopes of planting seeds of the mind around this theme:

Bright, Spacious, “Luxurious” 700 Sq. Ft. Homes in Old Factories or Schools

Last weekend I visited my daughter and her Sweetheart
At 1800 S. Michigan St. just south of downtown Chicago.

I was astonished at the graceful living they are blessed with
In a 700 sq. ft. habitat in what used to be a factory in a slum.

A key factor, besides 14 ft. high ceilings with great beams above,
Is the design of their place.

Most spectacular is the north wall mostly made of huge glass panels,
Two of which open to an outside deck from which to view the Lake.

This “glass wall” opens the kitchen/dining/”living” area
To the light of the sky and the glory of the skyline of Chicago.

Inside is the south wall where all of the kitchen tools are arrayed,
Cabinets, stove, fridge, sink, microwave, counters, and drawers.

Then a huge kitchen table and a leather couch that
Divides kitchen from living room.

On the east wall of this living area
Are t.v., stereo, and artwork.

The bedroom walls do not reach the ceiling,
So its smallishness feels open, due to the high ceilings.

An adequately sized bathroom, in my view,
Completes this sweet scene.

Question: If cheap storage places for our surplus “stuff” existed in less prime locations,
Would Milwaukee individuals and couples consider renting or buying 700 sq. ft. habitats
as I’ve described? If so, the Save Pabst City and Save Boys Tech Movements might find some of these great buildings so employed.

What say?

Why not?


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