Marriage of Small Is Beautiful Design w. Growing Power Home Agriculture

I hope to contribute to the marriage of “Small Is Beautiful” living/work/garden design that finds us turning 2,000 sq. ft. homes into two “families,” with Growing Power Urban Agriculture that finds us turning basements, garages, spare rooms into acquaponic farming.

Is anyone yet familiar with Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big Solutions” and “Not So Big House?”

I hope to inspire some teams of artisans to become expert at these concepts and marry them to Will Allen’s “urban agriculture,” which will find people being trained to develop “acquaponic” gardens in basements, spare rooms, attics, and garages that grow fish, vegetables, fruit, and plants all year long!

We have an enormous amount of underused realestate awaiting creative labor power with new designs for living, working, and growing, including Pabst City, the Soldiers Home, and sprawling houses built for larger families of yesteryear.

What say?


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