Sweet Water In The Place of Art

Sweet Water, the Farm and the Academy,
Is a museum alive, an evocative destination, and a science lab!

Sweet Water is a high tech, high science,
High craft, high art

Center for safe and delicious food production
fresh fish and produce, locally sourced!

Sweet Water is a center for hands on education
For student teacher learners, young and old.

A center for attracting and energizing
Inventors, innovators, enterprisersactive citizens!

Civic minded celebrators!

Transforming our great industrial cities
Into even more inspiring organic cities.

Every city in every country,
In all of earths great civilizations and cultures

Deserves a Sweet Water!

Sweet Water, Sweet Soil.
To be, once again,

Our childrens birthright,
Our elders security.

Sweet Water, Sweet Soil,
A means of harmony and dignity,

For one human race.

Sweet Water Academy Elders

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