Methinks the stars may be aligning for Milwaukees digitally exporting our expanding knowledge re home/school aquaponics systems, not in shipping containers but in digital on-line books and films.

ITCs Murthys e-Choupal Digital Kiosks & 16,000 Indian Schools

With ITCs 16,000 e-Choupal kiosks we might imagine training films reaching 16,000 Indian schools at astonishing speed, building upon Sweet Waters MacArthur Mozilla badge based digital training.

With a film studio drawing upon our data design teams work that connects Chicago, New
York, and Frisco partners with our Milwaukee center, our product can be quite outstanding.

Sweet Water Great Farm Film Studio: Content for Harvard MIT Stanford On Line
Courses and Emerging Global Documentary Training Film Industry

I am writing to invite you to an on-line conversation aiming to develop cooperative film studios at the Sweet Water Great Farm, in support of a start-up $150,000 global competition award from Mozilla/MacArthur for badge based digital training and credentialling for Aquapons.

This vision has been inspired by the support for democratizing and globalizing aquaponics
Sweet Water has received from IBM, the State Department, the US Department of Agriculture, engineers and biologists from universities in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, as well as Europe and Asia.

I believe the Sweet Water Film Studio could be as important a resource for connecting with projects like the Harvard/MIT/Stanford on-line course project as the transformation of the classic factory into a Great Farm has been for mainstreaming aquaponics across the planet.

Cloud Computing for Self Publishing & Producing

Thanks to cloud computing for the masses, anyone anywhere can for a tiny hourly fee now rent the most powerful computing and storage facilities on Amazons cloud to test any algorithm or start any company or publish any book. Start-ups can even send all their inventory to Amazon, and it will do all the fulfillment and delivery and even gift wrap your invention before shipping it to your customers.

This is leading to an explosion of new firms and voices. Sixteen of the top 100 best sellers on Kindle today were self-published, said Bezos. That means no agent, no publisher, no paper just an author, who gets most of the royalties, and Amazon and the reader. It is why, Bezos adds, the job of the company leader now is changing fast: You have to think of yourself not as a designer but as a gardener seeding, nurturing, inspiring, cultivating the ideas coming from below, and then making sure people execute them.

NYT Friedman, May 19, 2012

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