Here is a place to store information to support the cause of keeing the death penalty out of Wisconsin and bringing an end to this harmful state practice.

The ACLU has some excellent information for this cause. What follows is from their website at

Death Penalty:
The death penalty is the greatest denial of civil liberties. Innocent people are being sentenced to death. In the past 30 years, 122 inmates were found to be innocent and released from death row. The ACLU is working toward a moratorium on the death penalty. Learn more about the issue and how you can get involved.

ACLU Welcomes Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down Death Penalty for Juveniles (3/1/2005)

ACLU Joins Nobel Laureates, U.S. Diplomats and World Leaders in Asking High Court to End the Execution of Minors (7/19/2004)

ACLU Applauds Governors of South Dakota and Wyoming For Signing Bans on the Death Penalty for Juveniles

An excellent site with a myriad of useful links is

Here are some of them:

About.Com Death Penalty Resources
A view of the issues surrounding the death penalty, death row inmates, methods of execution, and controversial issues relating to race and juvenile offenders.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Amnesty International: Against the Death Penalty
Provides recent information on the death penalty, AI’s book on the death penalty, and related web sites.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Angel on Death Row
A pro-con discussion of the death penalty sponsored by PBS’s Frontline. Includes: (1) “Is the Death Penalty Unjust?” : Justices Harry A. Blackmun and Antonin Scallia give opposing opinions in a ruling on a Texas case.
(2) Legal Scholars Take Opposing Positions : The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense by Ernest van den Haag and Against the American System of Capital Punishment by Jack Greenberg (3) The Catholic Church’s Position : While the vast majority of U.S. Catholics support capital punishment, the Church’s has been officially opposed to the death penalty for more than two decades. Documents available include: U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Capital Punishment; Pope John Paul II encyclical “Evangelium Vitae”, 1995; and the American Bar Association’s Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty, 1997
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Catholics Against Capital Punishment (CACP)
A national advocacy organization working for the abolition of the death penalty in the U.S. Site includes CACP background, news, and links to related sites.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Fight the Death Penalty in the U.S.
Danish site militantly opposed to US executions, as are most Europeans. Europe does not have a death penalty and they even abolished its use for war crimes, including genocide.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Illinois Death Penalty Education Project
Compilation of resources by the University of Chicago Law School MacArthur Justice Center.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

Inherent Racism of the Death Penalty
Information from studies detailing the racial discrimination in capital punishment in the U.S. The site also provides information on the disparity in sentencing depending on the race of the victim. Includes a bibliography of studies on the relationship between race and the death penalty. Compiled by the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, February 18, 1996.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

International Reaction to Death Penalty Practices in the United States
Execution of prisoners through governmental action violates a human right recognized throughout Europe. Countries cannot become members of either the Council of Europe or the European Union unless they agree to eliminate capital punishment. This standard is recognized as strengthening the rule of law and stabilizing contemporary democracies. Agents of governmental institutions should not have the power to kill prisoners, a tenet tacitly agreed to by the United States elsewhere, but not found relevant in domestic policies. Over half of the countries of the world have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. Amnesty International states that about two countries a year are eliminating this penalty. It found in 1998 that the United States “has the highest known death-row population on earth.” Dorean Marguerite Koenig, American Bar Association.
(Last checked 08/05/05)

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