Imagining the Great Wendel Family
Offering me wise counsel broght this forth:

I would be very grateful if you would consider
Brainstorming with me and mine
In the Noosphere
Around vital issues of the Biosphere.

My first request is that you lend your fine minds
And good hearts
To an on-line brainstorming conversation
In quest of perfect pitch boomer transformations,
Materialized, at this conjuncture, as

Transfering Euclud House to New Owner(s)

Partnering in “Little Brooklyn Project”

So 325 E. Euclid is to be sold.

A new live, work, relax, promote habit
In “La vecindad de los americanos del latino,’

Or, “La Vecindad”

Evolving into Patchwork Urban Villages.

Urban Village Patchworks

Urban Villages Growing Power

Urban Village Growing Power Eco Garden Restaurant Cafes and Community Food Centers

One of my all time favorite
Village City Food Queens
Inspired this invitation…

It would be my great honor to find you accepting a gift
To mark and support,
The transcendent aspects
Of your current quests.

I offer you the resources I have
To advance your cause
In the “noospehre.”

You have done great things,
In the “biosphere.”

I may be a city
Through which
To walk,
And some warm wind
At your back.

In the noosphere.



I would very much enjoy introducing you to these fine Souls on this fine project…

Would you like a 5 minute “soap box moment” at Timbuktu?

I hope to find your picture here someday!

What say?


“We are struck with a human psychology shaped by millions of years of life in small communities so that we somehow need to structure the world around us in a way recognizable to this psychology. If we could manage to see people on other continents as part of us, drawing them into our circle of reciprocity and empathy, we would be building upon, rather than going against, our nature.”

Social Capital

“The term ‘social capital’ refers to the public safety and sense of security derived from a predictable environment and dense social network. Older neighborhoods in cities like Chicago, New York, London, and Paris do produce such capital but only because they were designed for people to lilve, work, do their shpoping, and go to school in. This way people get to know each other and begin to share values. A young woman walking home in the evening will be surrounded by so many residents with a stake in safe streets that she can feel protected. She is surrounded by an unspoken neighborhood watch. The modern trend to physcially separate places where human needs are satisfied disrupts this tradition, making us live at one place, shop at another, and work at yet another. It’s a disaster for community building, not to mention the time, stress, and fuel it takes to move all those people around.”

-Frans de Waal, “Our Inner Ape”(2005)

Dreaming Realities from the Soldiers Home

Where the Civil Society was also honored
In the Athens of America,
Milwaukee, where the waters meet,

And all of God’s children
Are learning to greet,
Warmly, with grace.

In the beginning was the Word…

Patterned information plus Spirit

Evocative concepts…

Great Lakes Culture

Great Lakes Creatives,

Great Lakes Renaissance Workers,

Great Lakes Sons and Daughters,

Great Lakes Brothers and Sisters,

Discover One Another,

On line,


Why not?

What say?


Building Development Communities

Renaissance Worker Thoughts

Renaissance Worker Stories

Young Elders Seeking New Jobs and Careers

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