Tegan Dowling and Omar Gagale, December 2004

Tegan is the “wiki gnome” of the Milwaukee Renaissance Online Magazine and Movement Resource. Omar is partner with Youssouf Komara, and co-founder of Lula’s East African Restaurant and Club Timbuktu. This and other pictures that follow were taken at a celebratory gathering with a number of his closest supporters upon getting the keys to the building that now houses Club Timbuktu.

Opening Night, Club Timbuktu, December 25th, 2004

Clockwise from left: Omar Gagale, Dr. Abalo Nunyakpe, James Godsil, Bianca Edwards, Joseph Godsil, Bridie Godsil, Kim Loper

Youssouf Komara, co-owner and otherwise known as DJ Komoro on Thursday nights, tests out his sounds on opening night at Timbuktu.

Rose Onama and Honia Leon enjoy a lazy afternoon at Timbuktu, January 2005.

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