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I am a political activist who until January of 2004, was never politically active in my life. I read John Kerrys book A Call to Service and that changed. I looked at this country and where it was headed, and I knew that I never wanted my son to read about this time in history and ask me Why didnt you do something? As a Navy Veteran of 9 years of active duty and reserve time, I once raised my hand for my country today it is in need.

I became the Wisconsin State Coordinator for Veterans for Kerry, building the organization to over 2000 members statewide. I did everything from phone calls, walking in parades, to planning events, and always with the help of my fellow veterans and many hardworking volunteers. In November, veterans from across the state met and formed Wisconsin Veterans for Progress to continue to fight on for veteran and military issues and support politicians who support our issues. The veterans of this state voted to keep me as the state coordinator.

Wisconsin has been a leader to organize the national organization that was Veterans for Kerry into Veterans for Progress. Currently I am Co-Chair for the national conference that is being held in Milwaukee, February 25–27, 2005. Over 30 states and veteran organizations are attending to see where we veterans go from here.

I am running for Vice Chair of the 5th District Democratic Committee this year. I am excited by the energy and ideas from the people of this area to continue to fight for what is right for all people of this country, not just the privileged few. Our goal as a committee is to assist Democrats/Progressives who wish to run for office and win in places where before this last election, no one would have even considered running. We need to use our voices and strength from what is right to change the future for the better.

I am originally from Appleton, WI, though I lived away form Wisconsin for many years. My husband, son and I live in Wauwatosa, which I have called home for eight years now. I am attending the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee as a pre-nursing student. My first degree is from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After leaving the Navy, I worked in Human Resource positions in business until my son was borne. In addition to the above veterans organizations, I am also a member of the American Legion Post 18, Veterans for Peace, Tosans for Change, and the Woman Leadership Network of Wisconsin. I was the Wisconsin State Coordinator for Turn Your Back on Bush protest, January 20, 2005 in Washington D.C.

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