Dear Amber,

If you would like to be included in this web site that will reach about 2,000 creative Milwaukee citizens, please check it out and let me know.


Roam around in there and let me know if there is anything of sufficient merit as to inspire you to offer 5 mintutes per year of your attention to any of these worthy projects.

To ask me to never, ever send you anything again, simply reply to this note and say nothing.

Here is an example of a “social enterprise experiment” we’re doing.

  • Grow a delivery job

  • The glories of a delivery job, conceived in the spirit of enterprise and evolution

  • I will meet many interesting people who might wish to explore reciprocal altruism partnerships and alliances

  • Besides delivering good food, I can deliver “mediations” among other providers to goods and services

  • Maybe I can entice a creative friend to join me on deliveries and swap ideas about how to engage in new new networks of entrepreneurial Milwaukee citizens

  • A delivery of good food project can expand into a delivery of good people with whom to work with around daily challenges like …

 Chicken Sukhaar Lunch Special, $5.95

 seasoned basmanti rice—
 cumin, cinimmon, cilantro, and cardamom 
 chicken breast bite size—
 curry and cumin seasoning, sauteed onions and green pepper 

We want to deliver this food to the people this winter!

But feel free to stop over at 2921 N. Oakland, for lunch or dinner, with wines and African beers.

If you know any teachers at UWM, Riverside and Shorewood High Schools, or Hartford, Fratney, St. Robert’s, Maryland, and Catholic East Grade Schools, please ask them to call me at 232 1336 or e-mail me at [email protected]

During this experiment we are not going to charge Lula but hope that tips will cover our wages. If the project is successful, there is a chance this experiment can generate a part time job for someone and some great lunches for people working near Lula’s East African Cafe.

Clear sailing,


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