Virginia Cassel is astonishingly talented across a wide field of interests: she is raising 4 beautiful children; planting seeds for the start of her own school; creating yahoo groups, one of which made a huge contribution to the blocking of a Big Box Walgreens on Historic Sherman Blvd.; doing hands-on restoration work on historic homes she buys and transforms; is a co-founder and key leader of the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance; a doula; and creator of handcrafted soaps and other aromatherapy products.

Scentimental Journey - Handcrafted soaps and other aromatherapy products like bath salts, salt and sugar scrubs and lip balm. No animal products, no artificial colors or fragrances, just good-for-your-skin oils like olive, shea butter and almond. Made from scratch in my kitchen. Gift baskets available!

Feel free to call me at 232–1336 if you would like to talk with Virginia.

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