Dear James and Tegan,

I would be interested in experimenting with James’ call for a weekly creation.

A Wiki Weekly Bucketworks Journal on the Milwaukee Renaissance

But I would start out by saying “hoped for” weekly creation, being totally frank with readers.

I would be happy to “cc” you both any category of my Morning Oracles, Manifestos, and Accounements that you might find worthy of including.

I would also think that we could consider other “Intrernet Broadcasters and Writers” like Bill Sell, Kat Keller, Tess Reiss, Michael Moynihan, Robert Miranda, Donna Schlieman, Virginia Cassel,
Leon Todd, Gerald Coleman, Sandy Folaron, Dave Boucher, Larraine McNamara McGraw, Geoff Grahowski, various posters of the Bay_View_Matters web site, West Side, Sherman Blvd., Riverwest, Brewers Hill, Washington Heights, and on and on.

From each according to their ability, to each according to their contribution.

A Wiki Weekly Bucketworks Journal on the Milwaukee Renaissance.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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