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Wiki software, used to construct this website and others, is designed from the ground up to not only allow for collaborative input from users of the site, but to encourage it. “Wiki Wiki” is a Polynesian term for “quick”, and Wiki sites are super-quick to use and update. The most renowned of them all is the Wikipedia, at, which is an enormous encyclopedia developed entirely by its expert users. It is a shining and triumphant example of the web’s capacity for constructive anarchy.

And this Wiki is our collaborative workspace. Use the links along the top to navigate and edit. If you need help making changes, check the help - there are very clear instructions there.

What you can do

  • Change the page you’re working on: you can always click the Edit tab, up at the top of the screen, to make changes. If you need the edit password, Contact Us and we’ll send it right out.
  • See what has been changed or restore the page to a previous version: Click All Recent Changes to see what pages have been worked on, and the History tab to see details for the particular page you’re on.
  • Remember: If it’s missing, add it; if it’s wrong, fix it…
  • Create a new page: Create A Link to a page, and thereby create that page (really, that’s how you do it!) if it doesn’t already exist.
  • Upload and diplay pictures, up to 500Kb in size.
  • Try it yourself? ← that link will take you to the “SandBox”, where you can play around and try stuff out all you like - No Password Required.
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