Please join us for the Northeast Side Plan Open House

Date: Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
Time: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm or 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Alterra Cafe, 2999 N Humboldt Blvd

The event is open to anyone who lives, works, or has a vital interest in the future of the Northeast Side. We’ll kick off each session with a presentation about key concepts and catalytic projects. A draft of the plan will be available for comment. We hope to see you there.
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Milwaukee’s Northeast Area Plan Adopts Urban Farming Plank!

Urban Farming is in the Northeast Area Plan. If you read the Draft, Chapter 3: Policies and Strategies, Page 4. This is in the draft:

  1. Support urban farming (small scale intensive farming, an updated modern version of “victory gardens”) in residential and mixed use neighborhoods as a way to:
    1. Build self reliance for those who grow healthy, fresh food for themselves and their families.
    2. Provide extra family income for those who create food for sale in neighborhood farmers markets.
    3. Advance community building, as neighbors enjoy the beauty of urban farms and gardens, participate in growing community and food together, and provide gainful work for neighborhood residents, especially the young and the old.

Click here to view the rest of the plan
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Urban Farming, Our Broken Health System, and The Western Diseases

Michael Pollan has re-introduced the concept “Western Diseases” in his brilliant new book, “In Defense of Food: an Eater’s Manifesto.”

“In the early decades of the 20th century,’ he writes, “a handful of dauntless European and American medical professionals working with a wide variety of native populations around the world began noticing the almost complete absence of the chronic diseases that had recently become commonplace in the west. Albert Schweitzer and Denis P. Burkitt in Africa, Robert McCarrison in India, Samuel Hutton among the Eskimos in Labrador, the anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka among Native Americans, and the dentist Weston A. Price among a dozen different groups all over the world(including Peruvian Indians, Australian Aborigenes, and Swiss mountaineers) sent back much the same news. The compiled lists, many of which appeared in medical journals, of the common diseases they’d been hard pressed to find in the native populations they had treated or studied: little or no heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension, or stroke; no appendicitis, diverticulitis, malformed dental arches, or tooth decay; no varicose veins, ulcers, or hemorrhoids.

Several of these researchers were on hand to witness the arrival of the Western diseases in isolated populations…Some noted that the Western disease followed closely on the heels of the arrival of Western foods, particularly refined flour and sugar and other kinds of 'store food.'

Pollan on today’s western diet: “Instead of food, we’re consuming ‘edible foodlike substances’—no longer the products of nature but of food science.

Pollan’s Response to the Diet Based Western Diseases: Eat Real, Well-Grown, Unprocessed Food, and Mostly Plants!

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants…real food—the sort of food our great grandmothers would recognize as food…real, well-grown, and unprocessed food.”

“Our personal health cannot be divorced form the health of the food chains of which we are a part.”

Natural Next Step to Repair Our Broken Health System? Replace Our Toxic Food Systems!

And one way to start?

Urban Farming!

Edible Playgrounds!

In the Democratic Platform for 2008!

If you would like to advance this cause, send an e-mail to

[email protected]
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Rally the Locavores

I hope you will team up with 100 locavores
To awaken the nation to the promise of urban farming
To address some of the problems of our
Broken Health and Toxic Food Systems.

Ideas include the following:

Join Yahoo Group on Urban Farming

Rally Friends to Send E-Mails to:

(l) Mayor Daley of Chicago

(2) Mayor Barrett and President Hines of Milwaukee

(3) Convener of the Obama Urban Policy Team

Action Steps

(l) Send e-mail to your friends asking them to send e-mail supporting urban farming for the national campaigns of both parties to

[email protected]

(2) These e-mails will be put into a web site at this location:

(3) They will also be bundled and forwarded to Mayor Daley, Barrett, President Hines, and Rachel Godsil, Convener of the Obama Urban Policy Team

Viva, Urban Farming!

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Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Executive Director, Bob Fulkerson, Responds To Vision of Urban Agriculture Platform in Presidential Campaign Platforms

I totally support this and wish you all the best for success!!!!

Bob Fulkerson
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
821 Riverside Dr.
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 348–7557

Here’s the vision:

Presidential Campaigns and “Growing Power Awakening”

A “Growing Power” presidential campaign
Starts out with a Will Allen Tour
Of the first organic city farm
Of post-industrial,
Greening Milwaukee.

Nature’s magic.
City farmer work .
Combine to yield small daily miracles,
Astonishingly fresh and healthy
Veggies, fruits, fish, and fowl, and
City Farmers!

The candidate who awakens to the promise
Of the emerging urban agriculture movement
Will win the people’s nod.

The presidency that will really, deeply matter,
Will go to the candidate who has a “Growing Power Awakening,”
While enjoying a Will Allen Tour, of his teams’
First Organic City Farm of Milwaukee,
The “City of Culture,” sooner than you think to
Offer its bounty of
10,000 city gardens
To the people of
It’s bio-region,
And training,
And inspiration,
To the people of the world.

Milwaukee Provides Local, Organic, Tasty Fast Food for Presidential Campaign Staffers

Hopes to Improve Diet of Staffers, Candidates, and Nation!

Urban Farm Movement Centered in Milwaukee?

Who would like to bring a dish of healthy, tasty food to some presidential campaign staffers this week or next?

Who would like to win a $100 Al Montesi Tribute for the best “health fast food” introduced during the Wisconsin Presidential Primary?

Who would like to brainstorm around the vision of Milwaukee and Wisconsin inspiring some policy from our presidential candidates that would reduce welfare for increasingly unhealthy industrial food industry, and increase government support for the emerging local, organic, and urban farm movements?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] to sit at this table!

Vision and Mission Statement for Wisconsin Presidential Primaries Advancing Acceleration of Our Milwaukee Renaissance

This is a site to collect information, images, news, stories, and more, regarding the Wisconsin Presidential Primary. One of my most inspiring political moments was witnessing the Wisconsin delegation most profoundly challenge the conservative democrats during the 1968 Chicago convention. Wisconsin gave the nation something profound in 1968.

Perhaps, if the candidates witness our leading role in urban agriculture, urban ecology, and bonobo survival/biodiversity initiatives…if they listen to our recent success stories, we will equal the role of the 1968 Wisconsin democrats.

This is an open source community, which means candidates and their supporters, whose life’s work and core values are congruent with the essence of the Milwaukee Renaissance, are invited to use this as a platform to advance their campaigns. But someone has to click on the edit button, upload some information, fill in the author box, and then click on save, to earn a place at this table in the noosphere.

Presidential Candidates Meet Milwaukee’s Urban Agriculture,Ecology, and Bio-Diversity Movements

Two Million “Locavore” Votes for Candidate Who “Gets” Urban Farming Proto-Movement

Who would like to do their best to make these events materialize?

Urban Agriculture Makes Agenda of Party Platforms, 2008?

  • Obama visits Growing Power City Farm

  • Hillary visits Growing Power City Farm

  • Edwards visits Growing Power City Farm

  • Republican Candidates Visit Growing Power City Farm

Viewshed Rights Like Milwaukee River Valley Central Park Makes Agenda of Party Platforms 2008?

  • Obama visits Urban Ecology Center and Takes Walk Through Our New Central Park

  • Hillary visits Urban Ecology Center and Takes Walk Through Our New Central Park

  • Edwards visits Urban Ecology Center and Takes Walk Through Our New Central Park

  • Republican Candidates Urban Ecology Center and Takes Walk Through Our New Central Park

Bio-Diversity Movements Like the Bonobo Survival Make Agenda of Party Platforms 2008

  • Obama visits Bonobos at Milwaukee County Zoo with Barbara Bell and Dr. Gay Reinartz

  • Hillary visits Bonobos at Milwaukee County Zoo with Barbara Bell and Dr. Gay Reinartz

  • Edwards visits Bonobos at Milwaukee County Zoo with Barbara Bell and Dr. Gay Reinartz

  • Richardson visits Bonobos at Milwaukee County Zoo with Barbara Bell and Dr. Gay Reinartz

  • Republican Candidates Bonobos at Milwaukee County Zoo with Barbara Bell and Dr. Gay Reinartz

Corn Obsession To Be Addressed by Any Presidential Candidates?

Milwaukee Urban Farm Movement Provides Healthy, Tasty Food to Presidential Campaign Workers?

Good Food and Beauty and the People Will Come

Good Food for Campaign Workers

The people will come
For good food and beauty.

Especially good food
Locally grown
By farmers weve met.

Good food and beauty
Arouse the best passions.

Knowing our farmers
Primal delights!

Good food and sweet aroma.
Tasteful decor and eye sweets.

We easily surrender
Clenched egos to

Good food and

Obama Campaign

Last edited by Tyler Schuster. Based on work by Godsil, Alex and Nick.  Page last modified on February 02, 2008

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