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Milwaukee Theatre Network

I founded this organization in hopes of making a difference in my community. This idea will strive to bring the theatre community in Milwaukee together allowing every range of artist a place to find their footing on a growing national and international plane. Actors can locate directors, directors can land tech. staff, producers can find new playwrights and theatre companies can find a home.
It also affords people who are active in theatre an opportunity to further their study or desire for theatre to get in touch with like minded or resourceful people who share in their affinity.

This vision is divided into three different parts. Each phase of the development will build in hopes of creating a truely helpful tool for the community.

Phase 1:
What do we as theatre artists need from our community?
Development of a virtual online community for theatre. A database is the first step in a large, city-wide plan for the unification and collaboration of the Milwaukee theatre community. The database strives to connect people, companies and resources through an online environment.
It should include:

  • Audition and industry job postings
  • Online Newsletter or other publication
  • Blueprint of each Milwaukee theatre’s stage
  • Media list: names, publication, address (both snail and email)

Phase 2
Who’s coming to see us, and how to we get them interested?
Addition of public resources to increase the public awareness of the theatre.
It should have:

  • Event calendar listing all theatre events in Milwaukee and surrounding areas
  • Special discounts
  • Online donations
  • Online store with: Gift certificates, tickets, and merchandise
  • Theatre Mapquest links

Phase 3
How do we take the virtual and make it 3-D?
Development of a “brick and mortar” operation and expansion to physical resources:

Please see the Milwaukee Theatre Network web site for more information. You can see some examples on the web where this idea has been implemented.

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