NAACP Contributions to a Milwaukee Renaissance

Letter from Jerry Ann Hamilton, President, NAACP, Milwaukee 2005

Dear Friends,

Most certainly you will be welcome members of the NAACP. The “C” in NAACP means people of all colors. It includes “all of God’s children.”


It was founded by people of all colors.


Jerry Ann Hamilton
President, NAACP
Milwaukee 2005

NAACP Internet Empowerment Project

Let us plan to harness the power of the internet at the 10 or so computers at the beautiful NAACP offices on MLK, to advance voter registration, turnout, and NAACP membership/national convention cause

We seek various progressive organizations wish to partner with the NAACP and Bridgeworks to harness the power of the internet to the good cause.

Our vision is to begin with 10 or 20 mentors from various progressive, largely Euro American, groups to be on-call to help people get e-mail accounts, learn to use e-mail for social practice, address book development, yahoo group creation, wiki web site development, and so forth.

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Internet Empowerment Letters

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