2 important ACTIONS for this week

1) Contact your Legislators

In response to the concerns we have raised about Crimeless Revocations, several state legislators are seeking co-sponsors for a bill that would limit the number of people who could be sent back to prison for “technical violations” of Supervision or Parole to 3,000 per year. That still sounds like a lot of people to have going to prison without being convicted of a new crime. But, this legislation would have two huge benefits: It would reduce the number of people being sent back to prison by 1,000 per year; and, it would make the Department of Corrections have to start paying attention to the criteria for revocations and make them prioritize. It would be a big step in the right direction.

Please contact your state legislators to urge them to be co-sponsors. If your representative happens to be Rep. LaTonya Johnson, Rep. Mandela Barnes, Rep. David Bowen or Rep. Evan Goyke, be sure to thank them for getting this started!

To find your state legislators, go to http://legis.wisconsin.gov/. Toward the right hand side of the page, you’ll see the words “Find my Legislators.” Underneath, there is a space to enter your address. Type in your complete home address and click “Find.” You will see a map of your legislative district and photos of your representative and senator in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

2) Come to hear Dorsey Nunn

Dont miss Leading The Way: Formerly-incarcerated people at the forefront of the Movement to restore our communities and to Restore Justice to the Criminal Justice System. Its worth a trip to Milwaukee!

Wednesday, June 24, 6:30–8:30 pm
All Peoples Church, 2600 N. 2nd St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Dorsey Nunn is the Executive Director of Prisoners with Children, of Oakland, CA. He is also the founder of All of Us or None, a nationally-recognized support and advocacy group of and for formerly- incarcerated people. Dorsey is the man who coined the term Ban the Box and who sparked the national movement to end employment discrimination against people with conviction histories.
The evening is free of charge, and refreshments will be served.

For more information, call David Fields (414–412–8838) or David Liners (414) 736–2099.
Sponsored by MICAH, the Table of the Saints, Project RETURN and EXPO (Ex-Prisoners Organizing, a statewide organization of formerly-incarcerated people, part of the WISDOM network).


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