Announcement of New BadgerCare Effort - webinar/conference call/video

When: Tuesday, January 20 at 3:00pm
What: webinar/conference call - RSVP for details

Join Citizen Action as we debut a new alternative means of accepting the federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare that actually has a chance of passing in this Legislative climate. Be the first to hear how a major breakthrough could be on the horizon.

RSVP below, you will receive both a webinar link AND a conference call number closer to the event. This event can be watched on your computer OR listened to over the phone. Join whichever way you can! (Can’t attend? We’ll email a short video explaining the effort to everyone that RSVP’s below after the webinar, even if they can’t join)

The recent election has been a mixed bag for supporters of health reform. While advisory referendums across the state passed by 73% of the over 1 million voters, elected officials hostile to accepting the federal funds won more seats. So while the public is clearly with us, the Legislature isn’t.

Yet more and more GOP-led states are taking the federal Medicaid funds, and it is now clear that not taking the funds will cost Wisconsin $315 million in this upcoming budget.

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