April 2015 BizTimes Cover Story

Mental Health Task Force Update

We wanted to pass on this story from the BizTimes: Employers have a stake in the urgent need for mental health care as well as a link to the April 16th Jewish Family Services Conference on Compassion Fatigue see the links below.

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April 2015 BizTimes Cover Story: Employers have a stake in the urgent need for mental health care

The cover story of the April 2015 BizTimes reports:

“Mental health conditions affect millions of Americans, with more than 25 percent of people in any given year experiencing some kind of anxiety, depression or other condition, according to Mental Health America.

The ensuing fatigue, loss of energy, persistent sadness and more not only impact personal lives, but also carry over into professional lives with a loss of concentration, absenteeism and short-term disability.

Experts say employers need to understand that they, too, have a stake in addressing this burgeoning mental health crisis.” (To continue reading at the BizTimes website click here.)

The BizTimes has begun an important discussion on mental wellness and workplace engagement. JFS feels this is an important discussion to continue, especially in regards to our direct service staff and compassion fatigue.

Please join us in continuing this discussion and to gain more awareness on the topic of Compassion Fatigue at our Community Mental Health Conference on April 16, 2015 at the Italian Community Center.

For registration information please visit our website.

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