Art is Part of my Everyday Routine

By Stevie J. Krueger

Grover Beach, CA. 93433

I live in the moment, which usually means I’m creating something in some form or another Im spending time with my Senior dog Suki, Im picking up behind others, Im changing my life to have a smaller footprint, Im spending less time reading the news and more time enjoying what little time I feel I have here and doing what is really important, living, laughing, loving and paying it forward. This is my time to create, to share my visions that will continue to create emotions for years to come. I’ve been creating for 44 years already.

My inspiration comes from everywhere and beyond, meditations, dreams, music, the wind, comedy, travel and usually anytime Im in nature. Im sometimes inspired by the beauty, and other times by the ugliness of pollution and crime and what it is doing to everything, although that hasnt shown in my work much. Im also inspired by past artists who have blazed the trail and set the bars for others. Liebovitz, Dali, Pollock, Picasso, O’Keefe, and could never list them all, past or present.

My art is part of my everyday routine and I feel lost without some form of it. It is never boring, creates a sense of self, a sense of calm, safety, love, intention, bliss, and each creation is its own journey. My art is rarely planned and if it is it has very loose guidelines. I would say that I am a successful artist who is lacking a business side, which I hope to manage better in the future, even if someone else has to do it for me. I’ve accomplished many goals with wonderful awards and I have suffered a lifetime of tragedies, facing death and I’m on my 7th life to be exact. My art was what carried me through all of that.

Currently I am creating Caricatures, I love to make others laugh. I also just taught painting techniques to three periods of very captivated sixth graders. I am working on creating a brochure to put at businesses. Im also active in social media networks and starting to see the world shrinking and growing at the same time. I am also still oil painting and plan to get back into my large abstract pieces as well. Thank you for connecting with me, I bet we know someone in common, its a small planet.

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