As Heard on the Helpline: Latest Report from the Medicare Rights Center

The Medicare Rights Center counseled more than 15,000 people who called our national helpline with questions about Medicare. As told through their compelling stories, we compiled a new report on the top Medicare issues heard over the year and policy recommendations intended to address these issues and improve access to affordable health care for the 50+ million people with Medicare.

According to what we hear on our helpline, we know that many of our callers have difficulties understanding their Medicare coverage and navigating denials of coverage; transitioning into Medicare because of insufficient or inaccurate information; and affording needed health care services and medicines.

Do you have your own experiences with Medicare? Visit our website today, and share your story.

While Medicare has provided guaranteed health benefits for millions of older adults and people with disabilities, too many beneficiaries are still burdened by high health care costs, and too many struggle to navigate the complexities of the Medicare program.

Our latest report amplifies the voices of the thousands of people we speak to every yearand serves as a call to action: Now is the time to seek solutions to make Medicare stronger, simpler, and more affordable for all beneficiaries.

Tell us what you think could be done to make Medicare stronger.

To learn about the top issues heard on our helpline and our recommendations to address these issues, read, Medicare Trends and Recommendations: An Analysis of 2013 Call Data from the Medicare Rights Centers National Helpline.


Joe Baker
President, Medicare Rights Center

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