BATTLEGROUND WISCONSIN PODCAST - We Dont Need No Stinkin Legislative Audit Bureau

We discuss conservatives effort to end the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau. The proposal was unveiled this week and widely criticized as bad policy. Most see it as retaliation against the audit bureau for its investigation of Walkers failed jobs agency, while the bills authors insist it was not. We review the numerous items inserted into the state budget by Republicans after the public hearings, including lower standards for 6–12 teachers, more logging in state forests, less funding for state parks and the potential Bucks arena. We thank all the parents, students, educators and community leaders organizing throughout Wisconsin in support of public schools. The panel reviews whats at stake with the new Bucks arena proposal. The arena is a great opportunity for Milwaukee and Wisconsin if the project is done right. This week the first public hearing was held on the project. We discuss the funding mechanisms for the project and concerns being raised by community and political leaders that the deal does not adequately address job quality for the projected 1000 permanent jobs the project supporters predict the public subsidy will produce. Without clear standards many of these jobs are likely to pay below a living wage. We conclude the show with a preview of the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act exchange subsidies. A bad decision by the court will result in millions of Americans unnecessarily losing access to healthcare coverage, including thousands of Wisconsin residents. The court is expected to rule later this month and the issue will likely dominate the public agenda this summer and into the 2016 Election. Click here for Podcast #197

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