BREAKING: Budget passes

Dear People,
Speaker Boehner and his radical caucus forced through their Work Harder for Less budget last week.

Now Senator McConnell and the GOP-held Senate just passed this.

This budget makes it harder to buy a home, pay for college, or save for a secure retirement. Put simply: the GOP budget is a DISASTER for hardworking families, while millionaires and billionaires make out like bandits.

We cant let Boehner and McConnell get away with this. Tell Boehner and McConnell to stop ransacking Americas future in favor of corporations and special interests.

Lets recap the highlights (or lowlights, as Id call them) of the GOPs Work Harder for Less budget:

  • slashes programs for K-12 education
  • cuts Pell Grants that help low-income students attend college
  • repeals the Affordable Care Act
  • cuts investments in infrastructure and innovation

And lets not forget, the GOP budget does all of those things while empowering special interests and paving the way for huge tax breaks for millionaires.

Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell CANNOT get away with this — and we need to hold them accountable. Add your name to the petition today.

Thank you.

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