BadgerCare Update: Its not a yes or no vote yet!

By Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane is the Healthcare Organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin. You can reach him at (414) 550 8280 (cell) should you have the time and the energy to help shape the health of our future. He also is a proud member of Office & Professional Employees local 9. Please feel free to click on the following sites: “Like” Got Healthcare? on Facebook ; Join the Got Healthcare? Nation!

Organizations are stepping up, thinking that we can win this issue. AARP has taken on a number of public activities, including radio ads, and now has a public call-in number to hear more about Medicaid and to be connected to your state legislators. Please share this number wide and far: 800–844–2847

A number of state senators are responding to the Citizen Action campaign and they are getting more and more concerned. Four senators have publicly wavered (Darling, Liebham, Schultz, Olsen), but this is not a yes/no vote yet! We have also heard anecdotal evidence that more are considering it.

Citizen Action has had press conferences calling on state senators to take a stand on this issue. Eau Claires Sen. Moulton and Green Bays Senators Lasee and Cowles last week, and Neenahs Sen. Ellis, today. Press clips are available below. Wisconsin Jobs Now will have a press conference on Monday in Wausau, stay tuned for that information.

Over the next week, six counties are voting on resolutions to support BadgerCare: Oneida (5/21), Lincoln (5/21), Brown (5/15), Milwaukee (5/17), La Crosse (5/16), & Marathon (5/16). Click here for more info, I encourage you to attend and come out in support!

One of the main conservative talking points is that we can’t be sure the money is there for Medicaid. This presumption has no basis in facts; it would be more persuasive if the state budget didn’t include $19 billion in federal funds already. Stay tuned for more on this. And, Citizen Action is about to invite a national leader in budgets and appropriations to publicly blow this argument out of the water!

Citizen Action also is planning a “thank you” event for the GOP senators who have taken a public positive stand on Medicaid. This event will be led by healthcare providers (nurses/doctors/counselors). We are looking for an organization to do the invite instead of Citizen Action. Tentatively in Madison. Will keep you posted.

We encourage you to email your state senators to tell them you support BadgerCare. Even if you think your senator can’t be convinced, we want a record of contact, because Walker has made a record of demanding to see the emails of GOP senators who disagree with him. We may do the same with the senators who ignore their constituents!

We are looking for people to join our speakers bureau. Interested? Send me an email: [email protected], or click here.

Thank you

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