Before you reform evil, you have to see evil.

Rev. Jerry Hancock makes this statement in a For the Record TV program that will air on Sunday morning in Madison. Its posted already, so you can watch it now. He and Talib Akbar, both leaders in WISDOMs MOSES affiliate, do a great job of educating on the evils of Wisconsins prison system, especially the abuse of solitary confinement.

Our replica of a solitary cell that is touring the state does a good job of letting people see and experience the evil of solitary confinement. People can sign up to sit in the cell with earphones to experience the constant noise. Talib drew the exact sketch for the cell while he was incarcerated in it. He understands the importance of experiencing evil so we can reform it. He and others shared their experiences last night at a forum at Marquette University that was very well received.

You can add your voice to a variety of reforms for which we are working by joining us for Madison Action Day on April 29. Sign up through your local affiliate or on the WISDOM website.

Here is some of the press coverage of our replica solitary cell:

Marquette to display segregation cell, co-sponsor forum on prisons. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Marquette University Exhibit Brings to Light Topic of Solitary Confinement. CBS 58

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