Belling, Trump! Bigots Who Know No Better

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

July 8, 2015

The face of bigotry doesn’t necessarily have to be white. The common face of bigotry is ugly, and bigots have an abundance of that.

For Milwaukee’s Mexican community, the racist attack by Mark Belling of WISN radio was a wakeup call for Latinos. It was a notice to the community that no matter how hard Latinos worked. No matter how hard Latinos provided for their families. No matter how hard Latinos contributed to the general well-being, economic prosperity and cultural enrichment to society, in the eyes of Bigots like Mark Belling, we’re still nothing but “WETBACKS.”

Now Donald Trump comes to the front of the world stage and proceeds to insert foot in mouth.

After riding down on his escalator stairs in one of his overrated hotels and casinos, Trump waltzed up to the podium to give his presidential announcement speech. From there he proceeds to say that, when Mexico sends its people, theyre not sending their best. “Theyre sending people that have lots of problems. Theyre bringing drugs. Theyre bringing crime. Theyre rapists.”

So now, from Belling calling the Latino community a bunch of “Wetbacks,” Trump has even lowered the standard by labeling Latinos rapist. Damn!

The Latino market has since responded and leading the protest is Hispanic television network, Univision, who backed out of televising the Miss USA pageant, a joint venture between Trump and NBC, which also cut ties with Trump. Following Univision’s lead is Macys department store chain, which carried a Donald Trump menswear line, and is ending its relationship with him. Incidentally, most of those Trump menswear lines are made in Mexicothe hypocrite.

Recently, NASCAR motorsports series said it will not hold its season-ending awards ceremony at the Trump National Doral Miami. The CEO of a top NASCAR sponsor, Camping Worlds Marcus Lemonis said he would not participate in the awards ceremony if it were held at a property owned by Trump, whom he criticized for recent and ongoing blatantly bigoted and racist comments … in regards to immigrants.

And it looks like Trump has lost the support of the PGA, Americas premiere golf network.

Trump may have the ears of Americas white supremacists. His bigotry plays into the hearts and minds of the ignorant and insecure. His words will ring true to those who will silently support him while even as they stand side by side Latinos dancing and celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Yes, Trump has his 15 minutes of fame. But when all is said and done. The hype is downplayed with facts and reality. Latinos continue to be productive citizens and thrive in America.

Trump and his followers will once again take a back seat and watch the world roll past their bigotry. Its been going on for the last hundred years. Racist relics like Belling and Trump and all of the silent racist minions that crawl around on their snake-like bellies will notice more and more Latinos walking the parks of America.

Indeed, they will see us walking inside the malls and shopping. Establishing Latino owned businesses. Sending our children to school to become amazing Americans. Wearing the uniform of this great country and fighting her wars. They will see us establishing communities that contribute to our way of life, to ensure the future of our nation and our children.

And while they sit there choking on our success, we will do to them what we have always done to them: Make them pay for their bigotry and words by forcing them to watch us being successful and living better than them because we know how to use our minds and our hands as tools and the means to succeed, and not as tools for destructive behavior and jealousy.

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