Bernie Sanders Deserves Latino Vote

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

September 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton defended her call to deport children from the U.S. who are fleeing violence in Central America.

Clinton, without any hesitation, abandoned migrant children seeking safety from violence. Her action has demonstrated for Latinos why we must not be tricked into voting for her.

Clinton said, “U.S. immigration authorities should focus on expediting the deportation cases of children and people locked in family detention.”

Clinton is pandering for the crazy people vote. She wants to show these people, most of whom want a wall built on the border, that she can be just as nasty as Donald Trump.

The Huffington Post, which notes that unaccompanied minors are generally not even placed in the detention centers Clinton is so concerned about, cites pro-immigrant non-profitRAICES, which likewise blasts Clinton for her call for expedited deportations of illegal minors.

RAICESExecutive Director JonathanRyan toldHuffPost. “Whether its [Republican presidential candidate] Mr. [Donald] Trump or Mrs. Clinton, these knee-jerk statements don’t do anything to protect children, and they certainly don’t do anything to protect vulnerable refugees.”

RAICES revealed that virtually everyillegal immigrant minor they have represented (98%) were granted asylum by immigration authorities.
Well, I got news for Hillary Clinton, when the time to vote arrives, at the ballot will be Latinos voting for justice.

Yes! Vote Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary. What better way to show Clinton that we are strong and united against anyone who dares to use our community as a political tool or as a source of hatred.

Why Bernie Sanders? Because he was partof theCivil Rights Movement.

Latinoswithout a doubt, benefited from this movement.

Bernie Sanders has always been consistent, making right choices that protect humanity and preserve democracy.
Bernie Sanders has been consistently championing for issues that directly affect the Latino community.

With Bernie Sanders as president, America will once again understand that the president is elected to serve the people, he is not there to fall down to his knee first in front of corporate CEOs and begin licking their boots.

Bernie Sanders serves the people. He’s not about helping mega-corporations that don’t need help. Sanders does not pander to ignorant racist and he is not one to behoodwinked either.

The challenge for the candidates is to strike the right balance between humanity and the rule of law. Bernie Sanders understands this better than all the other candidates running for president.

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