Gloria Rolando

Filmmaker Gloria Rolando is currently on a US visit, her remaining states as of 10/22 include North Carolina, Maryland/DC, Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and New York. The visit is based on an invitation to give the US premier of her film “Reembarque” / “Reshipment”. She will be showing her latest films, 1912, Breaking the Silence, Chapter 3, on the Massacre of 1912, and “Reembarque” / “Reshipment” on Haitians immigrants in Cuba who were sent back in the beginning of the last century when the sugar market crashed and they were unwanted at UWM.

The 3rd chapter of 1912, Breaking the Silence premiered in Havana in May of 2013 and received much critical aclaim. Reshipment premiered in Havana September 10, 2014 and in the US on September 28, 2014. The three chapters of 1912 caused her to receive the Caracol Prize for directorship from UNEAC in October of 2013.

She is one of this hemispheres leading documentarians of the African diaspora the community of people of African descent who were forcibly shipped, or migrated, out of Africa to the Americas. A 2009 winner of the Medalla Federico Fellini. Rolando has been making documentaries for more than two decades, but her work has only recently been getting wide noticed in the U.S.

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