Black Lives Matter and Black Votes Count.

By Chris Johnson, Editor,

A request for a criminal investigation or criminal probe from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holders office is needed for Dontre Hamilton just like the criminal probe into the deaths at the Tomah VA Hospital!

Sen. Tammy Baldwin received an overwhelmingly high number of votes from Milwaukees Black community, it is about time she starts acting like it. Sen. Baldwin should be asked to request a criminal investigation or probe by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holders office into the police killing of Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park. If a criminal probe by the U.S. Attorney Generals office is good enough for the Tomah VA patients, it is good enough for Milwaukees Black community. Represent all of your constituents Sen. Baldwin.

Send a strong message to Sen. Baldwin and her Milwaukee political supporters thatBlack Lives Matter and Black Votes Count,and if the Senator continues to ignore the Black community that we are really going to make sure the Black vote counts in her next election.

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