Black Media Too Quiet

By George F. Sanders

George Sanders is a long-time activist, artist, author and teacher. Mr. Sanders created the accompanying image.

The Black media’s quietness regarding any beat-up on Gov. Scott Walker’s ‘Act 10,’ or his upcoming Voter ID and DNA requirement stuff, is .no mystery,” said Kool Papa Doo Doo, when asked about reactions from Milwaukees African American newspapers.

“They have pretty much folded, particularly, along with the Black middle-class and Black elected officials,” Kool-Papa Doo Doo responded.

They’re scared, wondering what they may or may not get out it ‘cause the medias acting like this guy is making tracks to the Whitehouse and, they do not want him to have any bad memories about them if he gets there.”

“As you know, they started blaming Walker for what Mayor Barrett and his Unca’ Tom Blacks had been doing for years. But after Walker whittled down county government and defeated the white lady, those Negroes did not know what to do.

Oh, they do blame all the stuff on no education, no jobs and a dangerous raggedy-ass Central Citybut they ain’t bout to say who caused all that shit.

So they, along with Black elected officials, try not to look like they are sucking up to both Barrett and Walker simultaneously.

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