Budget Breakdown

By Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

We just wrapped up our first virtual union meeting with hard-working Wisconsinites across the state. On the call we discussed Gov. Walkers 2013–2015 budget and how it relates to working people.

Get the facts. Click to download our Wisconsin AFL-CIO budget analysis document.

From irresponsible tax schemes to voucher schools, political payback, privatization plans and the short-sided rejection of Medicaid expansion, we break down the 2013–2015 budget and the impact it will have on working families across the state.

It is important to note that analysis of the budget is ongoing and we will be making additions and changes to this document as we move forward. We wanted you to be the first to see, in black and white, the harm this budget does to middle class Wisconsinites across the state.

Brothers and sisters, pushback on the budget has just begun. In the coming weeks and months there will be more discussion and many opportunities to get involved at the local level to fight back against Gov. Walkers budget. We hope you join in our fight for social and economic justice for Wisconsin families.

In Solidarity,
Phil Neuenfeldt, President
Stephanie Bloomindale, Secretary-Treasurer


The Legislative Fiscal Bureau Summary of the Governor’s 2013–15 Budget Recommendations is now available online at:

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