Call to Action; State Corrections Budget

Call your state legislators TODAY!

On Tuesday, May 19 the Joint Finance Committee will be making decisions regarding the Corrections Budget. Please make a quick phone call to your State Senator and State Assembly Representative today!

Your message is simple:
1) “Please encourage Joint Finance Committee members to support the Second Chance proposal to return 17 year olds to the Juvenile System;

2) Please encourage Joint Finance Committee Members to reduce Corrections spending on elderly prisoners, people who are being sent back to prison without having committed a new crime, and others who don’t need to be in prison so that money can be freed for treatment alternatives and diversions in the Department of Justice portion of the state budget.

3) There are common sense ways to reduce our prison population while making our state safer. Don’t wait two more years to put them in the budget!”

To find your legislators’ contact information, click here.

Your call, and calls your friends make, can make a difference!

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