Can you, the People believe the disingenuousness and lengths Bauman and Stamper will go

By Mary Glass, Editor: MPA Public Policy Review

  • Union officials say one of the main obstacles to an agreement is the transit systems plans to hire retirees as part-time drivers.

Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman and Alderman Russell Stamper II released a joint statement:

The work stoppage by the Milwaukee County Transit System bus drivers may be just another news story for many across Milwaukee and the metro area, but for tens of thousands of City of Milwaukee residents it is a major, life-altering hardship.

Yes, tens of thousands of city residents rely daily on the bus to get to work and to shop, and to do everything else they need to do in the course of their day. To have the bus system shut down is not serving the public interest, and the work stoppage simply must not continue.

Bus drivers are essential public servants, and the bus system is a public service funded by taxpayers. There is no wealthy owner or group of investors involved here it is truly the public that is feeling the pain and bearing the brunt of this calculated work stoppage.

There are some who are making the work stoppage all about Summerfest and the upcoming 4th of July weekend. But we know it is really about the negative impact on residents, and on families.

We know firsthand how badly our residents are being affected by the work stoppage because in many households (especially in the central city), not having bus transportation means not being able to get to work, it means not being able to get a child to school or child care, and not being able to get to a hospital or medical clinic for key medications and/or treatment. The stoppage is especially damaging to our economy, as our workers are struggling to get to their workplaces, and shoppers are having a hard time making it to the stores and restaurants they would normally patronize.

We understand that there are economic and compensation issues that are in play (as part of the dispute), and we are not taking sides here. But we believe the work dispute of the drivers should never have come to this point, and it is time for the stoppage to end so that a large portion of Milwaukee residents can resume their normal daily routines.

Can you beleve these two?
Can you believe the length of the disingenuousness of Bob Bauman and Russell Stamper II, two aldermen of the city of Milwaukee that led the charge for the Streetcar project in February, 2015 - five months ago? A project clearly bias, weighted on the side of tourists and the haves - not the people in their districts paying the taxes and bringing the federal funds.

Are we suppose to think they got religion since then?

Bauman and Stamper took away millions in transportation dollars of the transit component for the citizenry of Milwaukee. They voted for specified millions put in place to offset barriers and hardships of transportation for the People, Milwaukeeans, to and from employment and quality of life needs.

Now, these two, Stamper and Bauman, releasing a joint statement that at best is their desire to be in front of the media and thinking of themselves - NOT their constituents.

Where were the bolded comments during the voting process of Milwaukee Common Council on February 10, 2015?

According to Jeramey Jannene, Urban Milwaukee, January 20, 2015, “The Milwaukee Streetcar starter system has the votes it needs to pass the Milwaukee Common Council, according to project sponsor alderman Robert Bauman. Taking questions following a press conference called by one of his colleagues on the Common Council, Bauman said, I think we do have enough votes. That point was repeatedly reinforced as four alderman, a county supervisor and a state representative took questions on the project a day before the crucial vote.”

“Alderman Russell Stamper, II was standing behind the cameras and is a likely yes vote for the project. He will hold a public meeting on the project in his district tonight with the mayor Tom Barrett.”

Stamper is busy creating a reputation of “bait-n-switch” and “saying one thing and doing another” - as seen in his major flaw and conflict of interest in the sabotaging of a Class B license for MC COLE, Hammer’s Den for over six months in a denial of a $100,000 investment of taxpayer and property owner MC COLE due to his cronyism with Sharon Adams, Walnut Way and Virginia Du Priest of WAICO-Y.

We must remember these two in 2016.

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