Citizen Action Fights for Families!

By Anna Dvorak, Community Organizer
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

  • In Wisconsin, CHIP is the federal funding source that pays for BadgerCare for kids beyond Medicaid levels (over the poverty line) and covers over 150,000 Wisconsin children.

  • With CHIP, working parents know that a job loss wont mean losing their childrens health insurance and a sick kid wont mean bankruptcy.

  • Congress must keep funding for CHIP so it doesnt end this year that way millions of our kids will keep getting the affordable health care they need.

Child nutrition programs

  • Child nutrition programs like school breakfast and lunch and WIC are keeping millions of children fed with nutritious food to grow and learn. These vital services are helping parents meet the basics for their families.

  • Congress must support and improve child nutrition programs like school meals and WIC, so more of our children get the good food they need to grow and learn.

Providing a better future for our children is what America is all about that means refunding the Child Health Insurance Program and renewing child nutrition programs!

Please sign this petition:

Fight for Families! - Protect Children’s Programs

Right now Congress is failing to prioritize children’s health and nutrition programs. Members of Congress are not putting our children first and making these issues a priority.

The Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are federal funds allocated for children’s BadgerCare. Federal child nutrition programs are ongoing efforts to provide school lunches, summer meals, WIC, and more to kids. These vital services are helping parents meet the basics for their families. Our representatives must support these programs.

We can do this, together we can provide a better future for our children and help parents care for and support their families.

ADD YOUR NAME - Tell Congress to put children first and fully fund children’s health and nutrition programs!

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