Common Ground - it’s time for ACTION!

We need you to join our Cyber Action.

7 Days of Phone Calls, Emails, Letters & Postings!

At our press conference at City Hall yesterday (6/10/15) we launched our Cyber Action Campaign.

We ask you to contact your State, County & City Elected Officials and tell them to vote NO on public money for the Bucks Arena for 3 reasons:

  1. They dont need our money. They are billionaires and can afford to pay for it themselves. They have never proved that they need our public dollars.

  2. They dont deserve it. For starters, one of the owners, Wesley Edens, owns Nationstar Mortgage, which controls hundreds of foreclosed homes in Milwaukee. Common Ground members have inspected and documented 300 of these properties. Many are vacant and deteriorating. Mr. Edens is, in effect, a slum landlord. He does NOT DESERVE a tax subsidy when he is severely damaging our neighborhoods.

  3. Milwaukee DOES need and deserve it. This money should go toward many other critical things that truly warrant the investment such as rehabilitating foreclosed homes, fixing playgrounds and parks and repairing streets and potholes.

It is not too late! Let your voice be heard and contact your representatives today. You can reach their contact info here:

Remember to sign the Petition!

Tell 10 of your friends to call & write and have them each tell 10 more people. Let’s see how many we can get calling/emailing/writing. A Common Ground leader will be following up with you to see if you have any questions and to see how many people you contacted. Together we can tell our elected officials just how strongly we feel about saying NO to using public funds for the Arena.

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