Common Ground - we need you this Thursday! URGENT!

Hello Common Ground,

We need you to attend our FAIR PLAY ACTION this Thursday morning at 10:00am sharp! Dress warm and be on time! We need to show our numbers and our commitment as we convey our short but powerful message. This will be a quick, in-your-face Action that we need you to attend. Bring your family and friends!

Thursday, 1/29 10:00 AM Sharp!
2441 N 44th Street Milwaukee

RSVP to [email protected]

N 44th is a one-way running north. Park on west side of the street ONLY. No parking on east side of street. Allow enough time to find a spot to park and be at the house to begin our press conference at 10:00am.

Wes Edens doesnt want to come out and PLAY FAIR.

We are pushing Wes Edens (co-majority Bucks Owner) to meet with Common Ground about FAIR PLAY.

Nationstar, Wes Edens company, has 300 foreclosed and REO properties in the city of Milwaukee. Join us in front of one of those homes and see how he is taking care of Milwaukee, while asking for tax-payer money to help subsidize the new stadium for the Bucks.

Join us on Thursday in front of one of Nationstars foreclosed homes to help send a message to Wes Edens that we wont go away and he needs to meet with us about FAIR PLAY!

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