Common Ground Center Street Walk with Officers Tomorrow 1:00pm - Can you come?

by Allie Gardner, Milwaukee Rising Organizer: Southeastern WI Common Ground

We are going to be walking Center Street tomorrow with police officers from districts 7 and 3 to talk to business owners about how cops can help businesses on Center. We will meet at St. Catherine’s at 1:00pm, and finish by 2:30pm. Are you able to join us?

Common Ground wants slumlord mortgage company owned by Bucks owner Wes Edens to contribute to foreclosure crisis; what is your property value worth?

Common Ground calls Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens a ‘slumlord

Professional sports venues are draining public tax reserves
(currently Miller Park, and soon a new Bucks arena?)
In a related development, published an important piece by Bruce Murphy highlighting the way professional sports venues (currently Miller Park, and soon a new Bucks arena?) are draining public tax reserves by using municipal services while paying NO property tax. Very interesting!

In San Francisco, an arena emerges with no public subsidy 104 Comments

Michigan Outraged: School Funds to be Spent on Arena

Common Ground demands better school facilities or no support for arena
Where is the NAACP? Are they all cowards?

WTF: ‘Super TIF’ one option for possible arena financing; Not Schools

MMAC wants Corporate Welfare? ‘Super TIF’ one option for possible arena financing

Common Ground vows to fight public money for new arena

Again is Bucks co-owner Edens a ‘slumlord
Great Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article exposing the truth.
“Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens’ Fortress Investment Group owns Nationstar Mortgage LLC services company that local group Common Ground charges is responsible for at least 14 abandoned properties in Milwaukee. Here are several of those properties.”

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