Democratic Party of Milwaukee County Faces Convention Delegate Tampering Allegations

By Chris Johnson, Editor/Publisher,

It has recently been discovered that the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County (DPMC) has been picking and choosing delegates to vote for the next Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Chairman position not based on tenure or participation in party activities, but based on support of candidate Jason Rae. To read more open the following article.

An obtained copy of the DPW delegates list revealed that several delegates did not reside in the state of Wisconsin, they currently reside in Chicago according to public records. One of the windy city resident DPW delegates attended Mr. Rae’s wedding this past weekend. This delegate rigging was detailed in the following article.

No one will publish by whom or how the delegate list was compiled, but anecdotally; most of the folks who were shifted to “alternate” status are non-Rae supporters. Many people have asked the DPMC for information on the selection process. None has been provided. All but one of the officers listed on the DPMC website are also listed as Rae supporters. The only name not appearing on the endorsement list is Rep. Mandela Barnes. Many elected officials are choosing to remain neutral in the race for chair.

See the actual filed 990 tax forms declaring contributions to AFP here by Thad Nation’s non-profit.

From the very Democratic Party of Milwaukee County delegates list, it shows that venerable Democratic leader Vel Phillips has been demoted from delegate to alternate delegate along with several other long-time Democratic party loyalists. Vel Phillips was not listed as a Jason Rae supporter for DPW Chairman and this might be the reason she was not made a delegate after over fifty years of Democratic party loyalty. Facts about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW).

Since allegations of the DPW convention delegate tampering has surfaced, DPW Chair candidate Jeff Smith has withdrawn from the race and thrown his support behind candidate Martha Laning.

It appears as if some members of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are beginning to realize what Thad Nation, Sachin Chheda and Jason Rae from Nation Consulting along with Democratic Party of Milwaukee County Chair Marlene Ott and Officers Martha Love and Andy Suchorwski (who, coincidentally, happens to work for Nation Consulting) are doing to this party through manipulation, trickery, deceit, and now tampering of the DPW Chairperson election process.

Jason Rae’s employer and political sponsor’s financial contributions to Koch Brothers organizations, like Americans for Prosperity, need not go unrecognized.

Hopefully, the DPW “delegates” that cast their vote for Chair and 1st Vice-Chair on Saturday are recognizing the hi-jacking of this party, that is assuming the people voting are actual Democratic members from Wisconsin, and not Chicago.

It is our opinion that they’re doing this in order to use the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) brand as a cash cow for the Nation Consulting firm.

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