Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Chair & Co-Chair Candidate Forum

When:Saturday, May 30, 2015 - 10:00 a.m. - Noon
Where:Wisconsin African American Women’s Center 3020 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee, WI 53208
Moderator: Honorable Judge Russell Stamper Sr.

DPW 2015 Candidates Chairperson (C) and Co-Chairperson (CC)

  • Jason Rae, (C) National Democratic Committee Member & Penny Benard, (CC) Former State Representative

  • Jeff Smith, (C) Former State Representative & Stephanie Findley, (CC) former 4th Congressional District Chair and Black Caucus Chair of the DPW; Election Commissioner City of Milwaukee

  • Martha Laning, (C) Former State Senator & David Bowen, (CC) State Representative

  • Joe Wineke, (C) Past DPW Chair & Dotty LeClaire, (CC) Chair Outagamie County Democrats

  • Steve Smith, (C) Former State Representative, No running mate

It is our hope that this panel will bring candidates together to have a constructive conversation that addresses the candidate’s platform and vision for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. This forum is needed before the upcoming election so that individuals designated as delegates can make informed decisions prior to casting their vote for our next Democratic Party chairperson.

Sponsored by Citizens for A Blue Wisconsin

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