Family Care Public Hearings have been scheduled - 9/14 hearing in Milwaukee

Make It Work Milwaukee/Mental Health Task Force Update

Below please find the schedule of public hearings the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has announced to gather input into the formulation of a waiver application the legislature has directed the Department to prepare that would make substantial changes to Wisconsins existing long-term care system.

The Milwaukee Public Hearing is scheduled for:
September 14, 2015, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Milwaukee Medical College, HRC Auditorium
8701 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226

The Biennial budget gave DHSD authority to move forward with major changes to Wisconsins long term care system. As a reminder the main points of these changes would include:

  1. Elimination of the IRIS program as a separate entity and the creation of a separate self-directed option within Family Care 2.0.

  2. The merger of Medicaid card services (medical care) and long term care into a single managed care system.

  3. Expansion of the new managed care system to cover every county in the state (currently 7 counties remain without managed long term care).

  4. The elimination of current long-term care districts and, most likely, current non-profit MCOs and the requirement of much larger geographic coverage areas.

  5. The elimination of any cap on revenue and the invitation to the for-profit insurance industry to compete to offer the new managed care benefits.

  6. The regulation of the managed care by entities (IHAs) as an insurance rather than as a long-term care benefit.

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director: DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230 Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Ext 15 Voice
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[email protected]

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