Final weeks to enroll!

MKEN Community Partners,

A quick reminder that:
1. There are less than two weeks left to enroll in 2015 coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
2. MANY enrollment events are scheduled in Milwaukee, continuing daily right up to the February 15th deadline.

We want to reach as many consumers as possible and emphasize just how important it is to get covered. We are concerned because many people remain unaware of the deadline and the penalty for being uninsured that some will pay for the first time this tax season.

If consumers wait until after February 15th to file their taxes and only then find out about the penalty, their chance to get 2015 coverage may have passed, which may leave them stuck not only paying the 2014 penalty this year, but also the increased 2015 penalty next year.

Click here for information on enrollment

Thank you for your continuing work to increase healthcare coverage in Milwaukee!

Seth Heithaus
Community Outreach Coordinator
2014–15 Americorps Member through Wisconsin HealthCorps
Covering Kids & Families

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