GOP has lost its foundation and standing

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

August 3, 2015

As more and more information comes forward regarding Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), it is without question that Walker’s allies continue to look for ways to stop the bleeding and embarrassment that WEDC has caused.

The GOP once touted its resolve to be a fighter and protector of taxpayers. They vowed to fight against waste, fraud and corruption in government. But after news reports of WEDC loans being given without proper oversight, companies using those loans to buy luxury cars, companies receiving WEDC support while shipping jobs overseas, and companies going under yet given loans anyway, in addition to companies failing to produce jobs after receiving WEDC money, Republican leaders have resorted to desperate attempts to stop the political damage by initiating an effort to change the open records laws, and are now trying to remove elected representatives from being members of the WEDC board of directors. Clearly they have something to hide.

A corrupt core of GOP leaders have taken the GOP away from its marketing brand of being professionals who can balance the budget to create jobs, to prevent tax increases and to give tax breaks aligned to job creation for the purpose of creating jobs. Obviously, these goals are no longer are the creed of the GOP.

Fat Cat Wannabes

What they have become is what Walker has created. A mob of fat cat wannabes waiting their chance for a fat paycheck. And they’re perfectly happy to allow Walker to do what he’s done to Wisconsin to be replicated to the rest of the nation.

Walker’s failure to create prosperity, jobs and government accountability in Wisconsin is to be rewarded by placing him in the running for president of the United States?

Do the GOP principles as interpreted by Walker meet the GOP cornerstone of prosperity? No! Did he increase the middle class? No. He failed.

He failed because he did not work for the citizens of Wisconsin. He worked for himself and he used all of us in the process.

From scrapping light rail to backstabbing the Kenosha Casino deal, Walker has been working for Walker at the expense of Wisconsin families.

Is this truly what the GOP stands for? Killing prosperity? Killing jobs? Killing Wisconsin’s middle class?

It is clear that the GOP vision for Wisconsin is not a vision created by Wisconsinites, but more of a vision created by American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC is imposing their vision of our future on all of us. Walker works for ALEC. Walker and his allies do not work for Wisconsin. If they did, they never would have thought to destroy our state resolve to keep government accountable by attempting to gut our open records law.

The Republican Party is awash in self-serving, anti-Wisconsin moneychangers who are only interested in their individual future, not our children’s, our families’ and our state’s.

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