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By Jeri Bonavia, Dir. WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort [email protected]

Just minutes ago, Johns Hopkins University unveiled a study on gun permits and background checks — and the impact in Wisconsin could be enormous (IF our lawmakers hear from enough of us).

According to the new findings, gun deaths in Connecticut plummeted a stunning 40%, following the passage of a law requiring a permit and background check prior to all handgun sales.

Compare that to Missouri, where they did the opposite and paid the price. After the state repealed its permit and background check requirement in 2007, firearm homicides soared 25%.

Meanwhile our lawmakers spent an entire day this week celebrating -- and passing -- reckless gun laws backed by the NRA, and Wisconsins background check bill gathered dust.

Enough. Send your lawmakers the facts right now, and tell them to stop withholding a lifesaving solution that should already be law.

In a state where more than 8 out of 10 of us already support background checks, this study is just one more reason to act — the latest in a mounting body of undeniable evidence.

But too many of our lawmakers are still clinging to gun lobby propaganda to justify standing in the way of this proven, lifesaving solution.

This study, these unimpeachable facts, could be exactly what we need to break their blockade — which is why its the last thing the gun lobby wants you, your legislators or anyone else in Wisconsin to see. Theres only one way to respond

Make sure your lawmakers get the facts — and stop denying us this lifesaving solution.

This research could be a game-changer — but only if enough people hear about it. Lets make sure they do, starting with every single lawmaker in Madison.


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