Got Your Back

By Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer: Citizen Action of Wisconsin

The Obama Administration just showed once again that they have your back when it comes to the cost of healthcare, which is greatly needed here in Wisconsin.

The CEO of just sent a letter to Walker and other states encouraging them use their power of #RateReview to challenge insurance companies who are proposing big rate increases. You may not have heard of #RateReview and that might be because the Walker Administration has never used this tool to challenge insurance companies looking to price gouge consumers. But it is very important.

States across the country are challenging proposed insurance increases, calling out excessive or unjustified ones and bringing greater transparency to consumers. But not in Wisconsin. In fact the Walker Administration has rubber stamped every health insurance increase that has come across their desk. Now a few insurance companies are proposing large rate increases of 10–33% from last year. Think that’s excessive? We do too.

The federal government is also showing states how to challenge insurance companies’ faulty math, but the Walker Administration has yet to call for a single public hearing to ask whether these insurance increases are justified. Join our call for a public hearing.

ADD YOUR NAME: Demand a Public Hearing to Investigate Excessive Health Insurance Prices!

PS: Want to know how we can work to reduce the cost of health coverage and make it truly affordable? Fill out your info with this link and we will email you three ways Wisconsin could reduce the cost of healthcare moving forward!

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