Gov. Walker “rushing to the altar of the NRA”

By Jeri Bonavia, Exec. Dir., WAVE, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

In the final hours of the NRAs annual meeting Sunday, more tragedies were striking Wisconsin — another three people lost their lives to gun violence. One was just 15 years old.

Meanwhile in Nashville, Gov. Walker flaunted his allegiance to the NRA — bragging about the deadly gun laws he helped pass to win political points with the gun lobby.

As the people of Wisconsin were once again left with the tragic consequences, Mayor Tom Barrett made a powerful public statement that everyone needs to see:

We need to spread this message near and far, so if youre not on Facebook, please forward this email to anyone you think needs a reminder that more guns lead to more gun violence, not more freedom.

We can, and must, pass commonsense gun laws that will help save lives.

Thanks for sharing this vital message,

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