Governor Walker Continues Deception and Obfuscation of Record

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

August 14, 2015

In recent articles, Scott Walker made the statements that, if elected, Hillary Clinton would be the “great deceiver” and that she can not be trusted.

Governor Scott Walker attempts to shift public attention from his deceptions, verbal manipulations and mismanagement of government. His actions have negatively affected Wisconsin.

What moral or ethical authority does Governor Scott Walker have to call someone deceptive when his behavior clearly shows that he continues to practice deception, corruption, and wrongdoing? Here are the examples — you judge for yourself.

1. Secret email system in Scott Walker’s office as Milwaukee County Executive. Walker says he never knew about its existence. Do you seriously believe that Walker did not know the existence of the secret email router in his office as Milwaukee County Executive during the 2010 gubernatorial election? Do you seriously believe that an IT audit of the Office of the Milwaukee County Executive Office never took place?

2. Promising 250,000 jobs as the main platform of his campaign for governor, but after becoming governor, changing the priorities to attacks on collective bargaining. Walker was able to gather support from many voters via continuously pledging his commitment to focus on generating 250,000 jobs in his first term as governor. The unions had already agreed to have the workers pay more for their health insurance. Therefore, there was no need to tackle collective bargaining, since that was not a fiscal item. Two weeks after becoming Governor, Walker changed the entire agenda from jobs to curtailing collective bargaining for the specific purpose of achieving national notoriety, which shifted all focus away from job creation. The result? Wisconsin fell from 20th best in the nation to 40th worst in the nation — the fastest shrinking middle class in the nation; used $140 million to give to donors via Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the corrupt and mismanaged agency he created.

Do you really think that Governor Scott Walker did not know prior to becoming elected that he would change the agenda from jobs creation to achieving national public notoriety by attacking collective bargaining?

3. About that $140,000 million give-away to donors via WEDC: Scott Walker says he did not know about this. Do you really think Scott Walker did not know about how the loans and tax credits were being given in a fraudulent manner when he was the Chair of the Board of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, when he named the CEO and the members of the executive team, and when he had specific members of the governor’s office appointed to the WEDC office (Murray)?

4. Clear participation and lies in an attempt to gut the Open Records law in Wisconsin: A public outcry prevented Walker and his fellow Republicans from gutting the Wisconsin Open Records Law to prevent public access to information, loans, emails, etc. He publicly indicated he was not involved, only to find out via that same law, which could not be changed, that Scott Walker and his office were seriously involved in the drafting of this attempt to gut the Open Records Law. Can you still doubt his clear desire to cover corruption and wrongdoing in WEDC and other departments in government?

5. Bill Kramer’s sexual assault and pattern of drunkenness and abuse to women: For many years, Bill Kramer has been close to Walker and the Waukesha GOP establishment. Walker says they did not know about Kramer’s behavior. For a very long time, and well before the sexual assault incident occurred, it has been widespread knowledge in the Waukesha GOP about Bill Kramer’s pattern of drunkenness and open sexual innuendos towards women. Governor Scott Walker has known Bill Kramer for many years and had to have his support to rise in the Republican assembly. As a reasonable person, Do you really think that Walker was not aware of Bill Kramer’s behavior towards women?

Even over-extending all courtesies to Scott Walker, it becomes painfully obvious to a reasonable person that Walker not only knew about, but also that he has been involved directly in all of these corrupt activities. Walker has taken advantage of the goodwill of the people of Wisconsin via sophisticated deception, lies, corruption, and wrongdoing, and now he wants to bring this behavior to the national level. Is this the person that should be President or even continue to serve as Governor of Wisconsin?

Moderate Republicans, Independents, even hardline Republicans need to ask themselves these questions. It is clear that there is something seriously wrong with Walker’s thinking that deception, lies, corruption and wrongdoing at the expense of the Wisconsin family are right for all Americans.

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