Support HCCW? Group That Got Mark Bigot Belling off the Hook

By Robert Miranda, Editor Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 28, 2015

This past weekend the Highspanic Chamber of Commerce (HCCW) held its 25th Annual Awards Banquet at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. The love-us-fest showcased Governor Scott Walker and a host of pompous dbutant Highspanic wanna-bees.

The sweet smell of cheap perfume marinated the overflowing audience in an ambiance of pretentious hellos amidst the dull glow of imitation jewelry. But the evening of self-appreciation and fake greetings did not go by without a hitch. Indeed, the nights event carried on into the following day after Jorge (or is it George) Franco, the President and CEO of HCCW, announced his partnership with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to create “Visin,” another attempt by the Hispanic group to establish a Latino publication focused on the Highspanic community and Latte Latino owned businessesnot to mention covering the presidential aspirations of Governor Scott Walker.

However, while everyone sat star-struck at the news, Franco’s announcement was not at all received well by Victor Huyke, publisher of the Conquistador, a Latino owned business and member of the HCCW. By the way, in 1999 the HCCW award Huyke HCCW Business of the Year (so much for that honor).

Anyway, the local blog, Hispanic Network News reports that Huyke was so pissed off about the news he went right to his Facebook page and posted some rather choice words against the HCCW. Huyke commented, “My staff and I were in shock as he (Franco) said this. When he finished speaking, we loudly left the event, letting everyone around us know our discontent.” UY QUE MALO! NO MUERDES.

The Hispanic Network News blog also reports that after Huyke gave his rant, a chorus of his supporters chimed in including: Jessica McBribe, a journalist who posted: “I would think the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce would support Hispanic-owned businesses, not help non-Hispanic businesses compete against them. That’s pretty shocking, really.”

Julio Maldonado of the Csar E. Chvez Drive BID also quipped and posted: “I actually said the same thing to my wife while at the banquet, wow another Aqui! Then again, this move from Franco is not surprising to me. The only business that is gained from the HCCW is that from the board themselves! Maybe it’s time to revive Hispanic Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin. He did ask me this last summer: “Why don’t we merge? I laughed, as I read right through that…. He wanted our membership numbers and to say they “actually” help out small businesses! What a joke!”

Such disdain for this Hispanic leader of a Hispanic organization.

HmmmWhy are Huyke and his supporters attacking Hispanics? Now that I think about it, Victor Huyke and some of his supporters would say that about me in my writings. Oh! I get it. Only Huyke and his supporters can attack other Hispanics.

Well, that being said, HCCW did not react much to what Huyke had to say, which has always been the play of the HCCW whenever they acted in their own best interest.


Like when HCCW sold out our community to Clear Channel Inc. after WISN 1130 radio ultra conservative blowhard Mark Bigot Belling slurred our community on air calling our people a bunch of WETBACKS.

After weeks of demonstrations and talks to have the racist Belling removed from the air, we were just a hair away from making it happen when all of a sudden Perfecto (or is that Imperfecto) Rivera, then chairman of the board of the HCCW, announced he was getting a radio program at WISN. Shortly thereafter, the HCCW announced that Clear Channel Inc. was going to be a major sponsor of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National convention that year in Milwaukee.

Yep! HCCW pulled off a classic betrayal and in return, Mark Bigot Belling was let off the hook and returned on the air continuing his bashing of Hispanics and immigrants and anything that looks brown or speaks English funny.

And this is really the point of what happened to the Conquistador publisher.

Huykes tirade about the HCCW betraying the Hispanic community and Hispanic owned businesses is all gobbledygook. Lets be real, he kissed their ass expecting goodies and when they didnt deliver the goodies theyre the bad guys again?

The hypocrisy of Victor Huyke and others like him, who go and support HCCW then turn on HCCW for not supporting the Latino community after HCCW doesn’t deliver them the goodies Huyke wanted, is a clear example of why the HCCW is still able to continue to betray our community by ignoring Latino owned businesses. Huyke and his followers/supporters should have been boycotting HCCW after HCCW sold out our community to Clear Channel and Mark Bigot Belling all this time. Not looking to HCCW over the years for a hand out.

The snake like activities of HCCW will continue at the expense of our communitys dignity. Latinos should continue to boycott HCCW events for selling out our people and ignoring Latino businesses.

My suggestion for what should be done now you ask? I think what needs to happen at HCCW is simple. HCCW has to move away from being controlled by individuals who think it’s their private company. Second, restructuring of the board of directors of HCCW has to happen. The board should reflect the Latino community business population, not white corporate America. Get those two things done, all else should fall in place.

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