How to report complaints about NEMT - non-emergency medical transportation for individuals in Medicaid

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

We continue to hear concerns from the community about problems with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) coordinated by MTM, the Medicaid transportation broker. If you or your clients are experiencing concerns with NEMT, it is important that these be reported as complaints this is key to ensure that DHS has the needed information about provider performance to address concerns. Currently complaints with NEMT are underreported. This is a reminder that it is important to take the time to report these complaints please see the directions below and spread the word.

In order for MTM, the Medicaid transportation broker, to know how well or poorly their customer service staff and their contracted transportation providers are doing, it is very important for advocates to encourage and even assist Medicaid members to make complaints (or compliments) to MTM.

  • The complaint process begins with a call to MTMs We Care complaint line at 1–866–436–0457. If a member calls the Wheres My Ride line (1–866–907–1494) about a late pickup or no show, they can ask to be transferred to the We Care line.

  • Complaints can also be made on-line at the MTM website, On the right side is a box labeled Online Comment/Complaint Form. Click there to complete the complaint form.

  • Medicaid members should be encouraged to complain, not only about late pickups or no shows, but about rude customer service reps, bad behavior on the part of drivers, and poor vehicle conditions. Member complaints are the only way MTM can know about problems.

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