Immigration Meeting this Saturday

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Do you have questions about immigration legislation working its way through the U.S. Congress? Are you wondering how to join the fight for immigrant rights and all working people? If so, please join a coalition of worker and community groups for a very important meeting on the immigration reform bill this Saturday, May 18.

WHAT: Junta Informativa de Inmigracin
WHEN: 12:00 p.m., Saturday, May 18
WHERE: Hayes Bilingual School, 971 W. Windlake Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53215

There will be a host of guest speakers to discuss where the bill stands, how it will impact workers, pending amendments and ways you can get involved in the movement for citizenship for millions of aspiring Americans.

Here are some quick facts on immigration from Media Matters:

  • Credible studies show that our immigration system is so dysfunctional now that by reforming it, we would generate over $1.4 trillion in economic growth and boost Americans’ personal incomes by nearly $800 billion.

  • In fact, in recent years, the metropolitan areas with the fastest economic growth also had the greatest increases in immigrant workers.

  • Research clearly shows that immigrant workers help grow the economy overall, leading to lower unemployment and higher wages for those of us already here.

  • Even with highly skilled workers, higher immigration increases the demand for workers, stimulates investment, and promotes specialization for many workers already in the labor force.

Hope to see you Saturday!

In Solidarity,
Phil Neuenfeldt, President
Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer

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